About Us

Commodity Juicery was created by three young female entrepreneurs who had a vision to make healthy food & drinks more accessible to the everyday consumer. Our store is located in the Mount Pleasant area at 3975 Fraser Street in Vancouver, BC. We specialize in cold­pressed juices, nutrient dense smoothies, immunity shots, cleansing programs, plant based meals, snacks & treats all made with unprocessed wholesome ingredients.

Our goal is to provide an inviting atmosphere & cost effective plan to those who are new to living a healthy lifestyle. All of our cleanses and lifestyle programs are overseen by a certified holistic nutritionist to ensure accuracy and give personalized recommendations tailored for consumer’s lifestyle needs.

Our Partners

Our partners help us build a sustainable community online & in person with support via local suppliers, educational seminars & fitness facilities.

Chomp • Algafresh • Kudolife • FKP MMA • Hangry Health Bar • Eightfold Eats • Fresh + Fit

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